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Blood Red Strawberries

The seventh book of poems of the beloved Israeli poet Yaara Ben-David, winner of a number of important literary awards including the Tchernichovksy Prize in 1998, the Prime Minister Prize in 2013 and an honorable mention in the Brenner Prize in 2016. 


This collection features a selection of Yaara Ben-David’s published poems from her book Fragile Balance, translated into English by the gifted Naama Sheffer, as well as a number of other poems.


In its entirety, Blood Red Strawberries introduces the reader to the unique poetic language which characterizes all of Yaara Ben-David’s art.


Her work is meaningful and richly layered, and provides a glimpse into the unseen depths of the artist’s soul.

Collage Art

In my mind, collage works behave much like poems in their way of presenting a range of complex ideas in a single image” (Yaara Ben-David).


Using book covers, magazines, advertisements and a wealth of other printed materials, Yaara Ben-David creates surreal images that, like her poems, provide an inimitable perspective on everyday life. The images are cut out of their original context and placed into a new one, in this way creating a unique new work of art. 

Her collage works are characterized by a stunning aesthetic style, yet the messages expressed by them are profound  and complex.


The result is a variety astonishing and colorful artworks that explore underlying subconscious themes, providing a glimpse into Yaara Ben-David’s unique world.

Video: The Creative Process

Yaara Ben-David in an interview on her own personal creative process. In this fascinating interview, Yaara talks about her poetry and collage art and reads a poem from her book Blood Red Strawberries

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