Blood Red Strawberries

The seventh book of poems of the beloved Israeli poet Yaara Ben-David, winner of a number of important literary awards including Israel's Prime the Tchernichovksy Prize in 1998, the Prime Minister Prize in 2013 and an honorable mention in the Brenner Prize in 2016. 

This collection features a selection of Yaara Ben-David’s published poems, translated into English by the gifted Naama Sheffer, as well as a number of more recent poems, published in this volume only.

In its entirety, Blood Red Strawberries introduces the reader to the unique world of words and images which characterizes all of Yaara Ben-David’s art.

Her work is meaningful and richly layered, and provides a glimpse into the unseen depths of the artist’s soul.




"With courage and sensitivity, love and straightforwardness, Yaara Ben-David moves into the 'Terra Incognito' of relationships between children and parents. It is a bold and unique collection filled with wonder. It is as breathtatkingly beautiful as it is inspiring." Haim Be'er, author.


"Yaara Ben-David realizes Nietzsche's advice to the artist is to integrate all forms of art. her poetry is deep and resounding - sounds and images mesh with one another, creating a gorgeous verbal collage. Poetry at its best." Prof. Ziva Shamir.


Created by Netanel Semrik

CEO ContentoNow