Blood Red Strawberries

Blood Red Strawberries is a journey of fascinating, exploratory and exquisite poems of the highest caliber. Yaara Ben-David’s seventh collection speaks with an elegant tongue – it is bound in simplicity as it exposes the complexities of daily life. It winds around the intimate places and extends to the collective.

Fragile Balance

Yaara Ben David's sixth book of poems is a fascinating poetic journey into the depth of the soul in its sisyphean quest to come to terms with everyday reality. The book has been awarded an honorable mention in the 2016 Brenner Prize Awards.

Reflections in the Labyrinth

Reflections in the Labyrinth combines essays and literary reviews that explore Israeli literature, prose and poetry, as well as various literary texts from around the world.

A Trojan Horse from the Depths of Consciousness

A Trojan Horse from the Depths of Consciousness is an original book of poetry, dedicated to the death of Yaara Ben-David's beloved brother.

Caress in Full Light

Caress in Full Light is poetical journey inside the female ‘self’ and its many reflections. The intimate sphere reflects on other spheres of existence in a caressing movement that unites presence and disappearance.

Poems from the Gift Room

Poems from the Gift Room is Yaara Ben-David’s third book of poems. It is written out of
profound attention to the texture created between the different qualities of the
individual world and its surroundings. The meeting of ‘nerve ends’ connects the inner
and the outer, past with present, with only a limited thin barrier separating them.


The book Collage includes poems about love, separation and death. 

Night Dialing

Yaara Ben-David's first book of poetry is a powerful meditation on the hidden intimate dimensions that connect between people across time, space and language barriers

Love at Second Sight

A collection of essays and reviews on Israeli literature and classical world literature. 


A second collection of classical music pieces performed by Yaara Ben-David. 

Released in 2014.

On Wings of Song

A collection of classical music pieces performed by Yaara Ben-David. 

Released in 2010

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Books & CDs By Yaara Ben-David

A list of my works, which includes books of essays and poetry. Apart from Blood Red Strawberries,
my books have been first published in Hebrew and one of my original collages appears on the cover of each.

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